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Welcome to our site! Here, you’ll be able to find all kinds of news and updates about online gaming and the many times of gambling games that are now available online. We cover five main areas of interest: new games, browser games, slot gaming, and mobile gaming. Below, we’ll dive into more detail for these gaming categories in online gaming so you know what to expect and why we’ve chosen them as our areas of focus. Other than that, you can look around and explore the gaming content we have for you!

Find the New Hits on Online-gaming.biz

First of all, every enthusiast of online games wants to know about the newest hits. Novelty counts for a lot in this area, so you definitely want to keep up with every new release. Whether it’s one of your favorite companies releasing a new iteration of their tried and test formula or a brand-new concept hitting the net for the first time, you’ll hear about it here first. This is a great time for online gaming because there is a lot of competition and many different developers are in a race to create the new games and capture the attention of fans. Of course, it isn’t easy to keep up with all of that on your own, so we’ll be tracking all of the most important news and delivering it to you in one space. That will save you a lot of time, and you might see a lot of new games that you would otherwise have never heard of. There’s nothing better than the first time you discover a new game, and we will have new opportunities for that all the time.


Browser Online Gaming

Browser games have been around for quite a few years, but now they are really starting to hit their stride. What was once a niche has now become mainstream, and the quality of browser-based online games has taken a sharp uptick. There are some classic genres like tower defense and side-scrolling shooter, but there’s also been some new types of browser game emerging recently, like the idle game. Most browser games are short and simple. They are designed to be time wasters without much depth. A few stand out for being more advanced: for example, there are many RPG browser games that have a well-developed story, and they often take a while to complete. We will be sure to discuss all kinds of browser games on our site. Their growing popularity means that they appear all over the Internet now. There are, of course, several big sites that host lots of new browser games, but that’s no longer the only place to find them. There are new games sites popping up all the time and in many cases, the creator simply posts the game on their website. Leave it to us to track down all the great games, from the new hotness to the classics that keep you coming back. We’ve grown up with browser games ourselves, so we know exactly what it’s like to have them around. A curated set of browser games can keep you entertained for an almost unlimited amount of time.

Games to Play

Many F2P games appear on major platforms like Steam and take the form of desktop, mobile, or laptop games that you don’t play in your browser. The basic idea of an F2P game is just what the name suggests: a game that you don’t need to pay for in order to start playing. These games make money in one of two ways: they can display ads to you as you play them, and they include microtransactions that give you various advantages. The ads range from banner ads that float over the game screen to occasional full-screen ads that can block your vision. Having ads to support the game is most common in mobile F2P games, and the game often gives you some kind of bonus in exchange for watching ads. In a good F2P game, the microtransactions will not be necessary for progress. Instead, they might save you time or give you a cosmetic change. Nothing important for the game should be behind a microtransaction and not obtainable by another means. We love F2P games as much as you do and we’ll have all the news and information you need right here.

Slots on Online-gaming.biz

Slot gaming is new and quite interesting. The legality of online gambling was a gray area for the internet, so actual gambling for money using online slots were hard to find. This changed and there is no reason game builders cannot make slot machine games that don’t use real money. You can play them just for the fun of it or wager with real money. Actual slot legality currently varies from state to state, so you need to understand which laws govern online gaming with slots for your particular case. We know about all kinds of slots games and the great game-makers are creating more of them all the time, so check back here often for the latest news and info.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a segment of online gaming that has seen explosive growth over the past few years. Smartphones and tablets are getting much more powerful in terms of their hardware as well as software, so they can support games with more and more graphical detail and computational requirements. That’s a good thing for gamers, because now phone games can be much more than just watered-down ports of browser games. There are many developers who really take full advantage of the mobile format, especially the touchscreen, to do some interesting things. There are many F2P mobile games, as well as some that are paid, so no matter what your budget is you have many options. We’ll have detailed coverage of all the great mobile games hitting both iOS and Android, giving you the great news for your device.